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cutefemboylover-deactivated2013 asked: i like your blog ^.^

Aww thank you, I really need to post more though, I dont post enough haha. What do you think I should post more of?

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Another laid back Punk influenced look. Baggy top and slim fit pants. If you wanted, you could throw a lot more accessories on the wrists, and add a neck piece even, that would add to the grunginess of it. I actually had an undershirt on with fishnet down the sides. it just barely showed through the baggy sleeve holes on the Nirvana shirt. you cant see it in the pics at all, but looked pretty awesome.

Its a great look for you. I am jealous haha.

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Anonymous asked: Ever post any erotic pics with your gloves?

Sorry no, I dont post erotics. Its strictly about the fashion.

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thedarkfirewolf asked: Way to go, dude, you look awesome!

Thank you, I am happy with my progress. I cant wait till I have my entire wardrobe put together